Logistic Solutions Australasia

Suite 3, Level 1, 66 Albert Road, South Melbourne, 3205

Legal Name: Logistic Solutions Australasia

ABN: 62 082 483 154

Tel: +61 3 9682 3098


Primary Contact

Kenneth Hoppe,Director

Tel: +61 3 9682 3098

Mobile: +61 (0) 422 093182



  • LSA’s core business is to support technical equipment and systems through all phases of the life cycle
  • We do this by providing professional and qualified practitioners
  • ILS and optimizing support systems are core areas of LSA expertise
  • We have extensive practical experience in carrying out Logistic Support Analysis and RAM modeling
  • Our skilled technical practitioners carry out technical writing, authoring, illustration and publication services
  • LSA offers a turn-key solution for the production of technical documents
  • LSA is experienced in the use of Engineering/Logistic tools such as: OPUS 10, OMEGA PS, VMETRIC, CASA and EDCAS
  • LSA is experienced in Logistic Information Systems such as MILIS, FEDLOG, CAMM2, SLIMS, AMPS, NMCRL and CENCAT


  • We speak Defence
  • LSA’s staff have a detailed understanding of the Defence environment
  • The vast majority of the workforce have served in the military and are technically qualified
  • Our practitioners understand the importance of Configuration Management in the aerospace environment
  • Our staff are experienced in ILS and Technical Documentation including AAP’s and DMS.
  • We are experienced in partnering and supporting Prime Contractors in acquisition and through life support
  • LSA has provided support to over 60 major and minor projects resulting in over 250 individual support contracts
  • LSA prides itself on providing pragmatic, contextualised support for all phases of the life cycle

Key Partners

  • Rheinmetall Technical Publications GmBH
  • Rheinmetall Technical Publications UK
  • PAC Group
  • Translationz

Key Customers

  • Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles
  • Australian Aerospace
  • Tectonica
  • Department of Defence CASG

Quality Approvals & Awards

  • LSA is accredited to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016
  • Finalist PM's Veteran's Employment Awards 2018