Edea Energy

22 Church Street, Hawthorn, 3122

Legal Name:

ABN: 42 652 171 465

Tel: 0411 364 741


Primary Contact

Franca Mazzarella





  • 6T NATO Battery: developing a bespoke 6T NATO Battery for Defence transport vehicles.
  • SuperCube™: infinitely scalable commercial and grid scale storage. with up to 430kwh / 210kw capacity per unit
  • Land 125 wearable batteries: bespoke development for wearable batteries to power soldier’s equipment.
  • EnRG™ Cube: Self-install, solar/battery microgrid solution.


  • Cell manufacturing, chemical processing and certification all happen within Australia
  • Our products are designed to be rugged and stay cool in Australian and South East Asian climates.
  • Our products are designed to be infinitely scalable to meet and grow with your energy storage need.
  • Our battery design and manufacturer is simple, safe, secure and compatible with SunSpec ModBuscompliant inverters
  • They need less cooling compared to tradition Lithium-ion batteries

Key Partners

  • Energy Renaissance
  • Hanwha Defence