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(RAS-AI) Navy Calls for Feedback - Robotics, Autonomous Systems and Artificial Intelligence

The RAS-AI Directorate (Director CAPT Nicholas Trongale) is currently developing a campaign plan for adoption and integration of RAS-AI systems within the Navy, following the release of Navy’s RAS-AI Strategy 2040 last year. RAND is conducting research in support of the development of the campaign plan, on topics including innovation, technology and workforce.


The strategy has emphasised the importance of partnerships with industry and academia, and the aim of this survey is to gather input from industry so Navy can better understand how to engage and improve cooperation going forward.


Attached is a survey to get feedback from industry to include in the development of the plan.



The Visions

A 5th Generation Navy enabling the Joint Force to fight and win at, and from, the sea


The purpose of any RAS Strategy is to set the path to realising a RAS enabled future capability that can rapidly deploy, concentrate at a point of effort and disperse to survive – through a robust and resilient network, leveraging superior decision-making to win in future conflict that can utilise game changing technology.


Please find the downloadable survey document below.

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